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Horn Collection Sale

If you are interested in bidding on any of the horns listed below, please contact Bobby using the contact form on the contact page


Bb Trumpets:


1960 Martin Committee

1946 Martin Committee

1947 Martin Committee - Charlie Lake 

1933 Martin Handcraft Troubador

1977 Benge MLP

1970 Schilke B3  SOLD

Early Calicchio 

1946 Bach Stradivarius

Leblanc (Paris) Conrad Gozzo

Yamaha 6310ZS   SOLD

1972 Olds P12L - "Go For It" 

1974 Olds P12L - Bobby's personal horn   SOLD

1977 Olds P12L - Brand New

Yamaha 8310z Phoenix Trumpet

Yamaha Q Class Trumpet

1932 Conn Trumpet (gold plated Bb/A)

1930 Conn Trumpet

1974 Reynolds Ranger Trumpet

1968 Olds Ambassador Trumpet

Tiger Trumpet




Red Nichols' Olds Cornet 

1941 Martin Cornet 

1945 King Silvertone Cornet (Dorothy Francis')

1921 Conn Cornet

1885 Conn Cornet

Henri Marchand Cornet

Amati Pocket Cornet

1957 Lignatone Cornet (Bobby's grandfather's)

Blessing Cornet

Regent Cornet

Lamoreaux Cornet




1832 Eb Soprano Flugelhorn (Swedish Nat'l Treasure)

Bobby's 1959 Couesnon Flugel

Gordon Purslow's Couesnon Flugel

Couesnon Monopole Flugel

Couesnon Flugel from Robb Stewart

1962 Martin Flugelhorn


Low Brass:


Conn Trombonium

Conn 24H Trombone

1973 Olds Marching Trombone

Ball Reavon Short Model Valve Trombone   SOLD


1975 Olds Marching Mellophone

Selmer Cavalier Mellophone


Piccolo Trumpets:


Selmer (Paris) Piccolo Trumpet




1945 Conn 10M Tenor Sax (Richie Kamuca's)




Odds & Ends


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