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Four Fundamentals of Troubleshooting for Brass Players (further explanation) Jim Ahrend Jul 17, 2013 1) FEELING OF THE LIPS No brass player will have much success if they do not feel some degree of ease and comfort when they put the instrument to their lips. The primary purpose of a responsible, workable warm-up is to ensure this comfort thru producing a...[more]
General Information on Mutes Jim Ahrend Jul 17, 2013 One particular area of brass playing that has been overlooked as far as educational materials is the use of mutes. The average listener and conductor never notices the finer points that we have to deal with in the use of each different mute and its individual properties. Perhaps...[more]
Developing The Trumpet Section Jim Ahrend Jul 17, 2013  Basics to a successful section. Ability to work as a team. Ego-loss vs. confidence Learning to listen with your soul. Mental attitude re: learning. Personal goals vs. the job. Personal ethics vs. Group ethics. Hats (individual specific duties) Lead player Disbursement of power. Relationship v/ sax, bone, rhythm sections. Ability...[more]
Playing Lead Trumpet in the Big Band Setting Jim Ahrend Jul 17, 2013 Lead vt: To direct the cause of, by going before or along with; to mark the way for; to be a way or means of bringing something to a particular condition or result.   A lead trumpet player has a number of responsibilities. The job consists...[more]
Chops And Changes Jim Ahrend Jul 17, 2013 (Learning to Improvise on a new tune - #5)   The following sequential process is something I've worked on and been using with some notable success in teaching about improvisation. Naturally, some of my students are beginning to intermediate with regard to their playing levels....[more]

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