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Audio samples:  Joy Spring     Waltz for Debbie    My One And Only Love
 I've been referred to as an "incurable romantic."  I don't know...MAYBE!  I can tell you that there is a part of me that does, in fact, seek out the moments of romance in music, matter what tunes, where, with whom.
When I was a child first being exposed to jazz, I loved the "feel" of music, I loved the emotion of it, I loved the energy of it...but, I love the beauty.  I wore out copies of Clifford with strings, Stan Getz' "COOL VELVET", the soundtrack album to "THE SAND PIPER" with Jack Sheldon playing those gorgeous Johnny Mandel charts plus many other string albums I managed to find.  I guess if I'm an incurable romantic, it's because I dreamt, as I think most horn players have, of doing a string album someday before we leave this earth!
This recording with the outstanding METROPOLE ORCHESTRA far exceeds my wildest dreams.  The real bulk of the credit here goes to Lex Jasper who really honored me with the first impetus to perform with the METROPOLE ORCHESTRA.  His writing is absolutely magic...!
He wrote for me specifically and I've never felt more comfortable.  The "BALLAD FOR BOBBY" touched me so deeply, it was almost difficult to play it past my emotional reaction to the first reading.  Rob Pronk is masterful in rehearsing and conducting the music to perfection.  The musicians, as you can hear, are first-class in every respect and quite fun and easy to work with.  I must add an extra "tip of the hat" to the outstanding lead trumpet playing of my dear friend Jan Oosthof.  It would be difficult to find a more powerful and consistent player (or nicer guy).  High at the top of the list of "thank-yous" is Jan van Riemsdyk, the producer of these session.  I'll never be able to thank him enough for the invitation to do the recordings as well as his efforts to make the music available on this CD.  Similarly, thanks to Thilo Berg for a willingness to press and release it.  
Finally, I can think of no better dedication for this music than to my wife, Lisa.  I'm so fortunate to have her, fallen in love with her, and had the good sense to ask her hand in marriage.  I can't imagine my life without her.  she truly is MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE.
Bobby shew, February, 1995

Metropole Orchestra
1. MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE (Guy Wood) 7:05
2. SPEAK LOW (Kurt Weil) 6:34
3. NADALIN (Bobby Shew) 4:44
4. 'ROUND MIDNIGHT (Cootie WilliamsHTielonious) 7:04
5. JOY SPRING (Clifford Brown) 3:42
6. BALLAD FOR BOBBY (Lex Jasper) 6:10
7. WITH A SONG IN MY HEART (Richard Rodgers) 4:32
8. HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY (Jimmy van Heusen) 4:34
9. YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING (Harry Warren) 3:32
10. WALTZ FOR DEBBY (Bill Evans) 5:15
BOBBY SHEW, trumpet
All compositions arranged by Lex Jasper
Coundmixer: Hugh den Ouden and Tony Nolle
Soundengineers: Gert de Bmijn and Wim van
The METROPOLE ORCHESTRA under the den Berg direction of ROB PRONK.
Re-mix: Fritz Heieck
Producer for the NOS: Jan van Riemsdyk
Album design: Fotosatz Burkhart.
Album producer: Thilo Berg Recorded on Dec. 16th '86 and Nov. 24th '88


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